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Dedicated to Freedom of the Road

About Sky Valley ABATE

Sky Valley Chapter, ABATE of Washington

Sky Valley Chapter is a group of volunteers that work to promote motorcycle awareness, rights, and safety in our community. Sky Valley Chapter covers the Sky Valley area, Snohomish county, from Everett to Index.


Who Is Sky Valley Chapter, ABATE of Washington?


ABATE of Washington is:


· A nonprofit Rights Organization with 23 chapters in Washington.

· Composed of motorcycle enthusiasts. And anyone interested in Constitutional Rights issues.

· Dedicated to promoting freedom of the road. And the riders right to choose.

· Concerned with motorcycle legislation and education.


ABATE   for a great article on the origin of ABATE, click here (Adobe format)


· Promotes Constitutional Rights, safety, education, public awareness, rider training programs.

· Supports community involvement and charitable deeds.

· For more information on ABATE through out the state, see the state ABATE web site.


Sky Valley Chapter


· Is active in the State Legislature at a grass roots level.

· Annual Freedom Run to Olympia each January, "Black Thursday," to meet with members of legislature.

· Provides donations and services for the entire Sky Valley community.

· Donated to Snohomish Historical Society and the Snohomish Youth Activity Center.

· Adopts two needy families for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and provides a motorcycle escort for Santa to deliver toys and Holiday Dinners.

· Collects canned food and cash for SunRise, Monroe and Snohomish Food Bank. Over $12000 donated through various fund-raising events since 1996.

· Participates in the annual Delta House Show and Tell Run at Delta Rehabilitation Center in Snohomish and volunteers at their annual Summer Festival.

· Participates in the annual Christmas Toy Run from Arlington to Everett Eagles.

· Participates in fund raising activities for injured motorcyclists.

· Organizes the Annual Sky Valley Motorcycle Show in Snohomish which provides free vendor booth space for any non-profit organization.

· Coordinates with the City of Snohomish for the Kla Ha Ya Days Car and Motorcycle Show.

· Is the host chapter for ABATE's annual Spring Motorcycle Swap Meet at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds.

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